6 Ways to Prevent Acne

Acne is part of life. Like it or not, it is there and will be there somewhere in the future. Understanding the ways to prevent them is half-solved the problem. Today, let us go through the 6 ways to prevent acne from forming.

1. Good Skincare – good skincare is the solution to acne-free skin. Washing your face and moisturizing it regularly will help clean out all the dirt and dead skin cell from your pore, making it less likely to form acne.

2. Good Diet – having too much salt, carbon hydrate, and sugar in your diet will affect your hormone level that may result in excessive oil secretion which is one of the reasons acne forms.

3. Hygenic Bedding – sleeping with dirty bedding will also trigger acne to form. The dirt and bacteria will stay on your face together with your dead skin cell will clog pores and form acne.

4. Don’t Touch your Face – similar to dirty bedding, touching your face expose it to dirt and bacteria causing acne to form.

5. Stay Hydrated – Yes! drinking enough water will, not only be good for your health but also help prevent acne.

6. Relax Рspend some time relaxing. Stress will mess up hormone balance which is likely the root of the problem.